Out of the depths



The longest night. The fiercest storm. The threat to comfort. And down with the flu.

I am pulled out out of the routine distractions and busy-ness of living and left silent, still, listening to the howling wind outside and creaking timbers in the house….

And then emerges a new kind of vision, a clarifying purpose for what is truly important in life — community, mutual support, friendship, family, faith. The corner is turned.

Out of the depths comes new found hope. Joy. A way forward. Renewed.

House of Pain



LutherHostel2012 visited the first residential school in Canada – Mohawk Institute – from 1831-1970 situated at Woodland Cultural Centre on Six Nations Reserve in Brantford Ontario. We continue to pray for truth and reconciliation, and courageous leadership among and with First Nations. We confess our sins, and we commit to telling the story for all to know what really happened.