Book: The Clergyman Spy

What Eryk Masaryk doesn’t know, is that his desire to go West unleashes powers from out of this world. His hope of escaping through the Iron Curtain during the height of the Cold War entangles him and his new bride, Jasha Kern, in a sinister plot by the fallen angels, called Nephilim. When the age-old volcano erupts, Mr. Montegue marshals the forces of the Nephilim to acquire the secret of the Sangue di Christo wine grape grown only on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius. Fritz and Lucia, Eryk’s closest friends and owners of the di Costanza orchard estate in Naples, conspire to get Eryk and Jasha across the border and free of the deadly clutches of the Nephilim . Erik’s innocence and determination prove to be unassailable against the daunting forces of history, myth and the church.

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