Advent devotion – Dec 9

Psalm 146:5-10 

Loosen up 

“Happy are they …. Praise the Lord!” (verse 5,10) 

When installing our new dishwasher, I screwed clamps into the cabinetry on both sides. Tightly. 

When I ran a cycle, water started streaming out the side of the door. It’s as if the door wasn’t even sealed! I discovered later that because I had fastened the clamps too tightly, the whole unit twisted in an unnatural way and therefore could not seal properly and do its job.

The tone of Psalm 146, found near the end of this long biblical book, looks forward a couple of days to the third Sunday of Advent traditionally called ‘Gaudete’ Sunday. From the Latin, it means, ‘Rejoice!’.

Indeed, to be happy is to know how to celebrate, even in difficult times. Trying too hard without a break can actually damage our commitment in faith.

Especially during the long journey of a dark night of the soul, it is vital for our health to pause from time to time, loosen the screws, and lighten up a bit. Doing so will improve our endurance, deepen our trust in the good Lord, and strengthen our resolve to continue on the rest of the journey.

Hang in there. The end is nigh. The Lord is coming. Soon and very soon!

Thank you God, for giving us permission to relax and enjoy life, even on this dark journey. Amen. 

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