God will not forsake you

Please read Psalm 138.

“Do not forsake the work of your hands” … v.9

This Psalm reads like an affirmation of faith in the goodness of God amidst all that can go wrong in our lives. It ends with a plea that God would not abandon anything or anyone God has created.

Late last year we watched the horror of the school shootings in Newtown Connecticut. Could there be a tragedy as dark as losing children to such a violent death? Did God forsake those children? It sure feels like God did.

As a parent of young children, I could imagine the deep sorrow of those parents. As a father I know that there is nothing on earth that could make me forsake what I have co-created in my children. I would go to extreme limits in order to protect my children if I could, even sacrificing my own life so they could live.

And maybe that’s what’s going on in this Psalm: To describe a God who, even though death eventually comes to us all, will always preserve and hold close to God’s heart all His precious children.

Creator God, you hold all your precious children in your arms. Help me believe that you will always hold me close to your heart, even through the difficulties I meet this day. Amen.


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